► DAVIDE OLDANI, the Michelin-starred Italian Chef | An Exclusive Interview by yoox.com

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Davide Oldani’s Pop Cuisine
A conversation with the Michelin-starred chef who created the exclusive menu for yoox.com

“Pop cuisine is a way of cooking and a way of life for me. It is a style which is reflected in my style and my work,” says David Oldani. The celebrated chef, who after studying in the most prestigious culinary schools around the world and training under Gualtiero Marchesi and Alain Ducasse, decided to go back to Italy. In his hometown Cornaredo, near Milan, he opened D’O, his restaurant which presents the highest quality dishes. It was almost immediately prized with a Star by the famed Michelin Guide.

Oldani’s secret ‘ingredient’ is his beloved family. “Having the security of knowing that even though we sometimes fall there is always someone ready to help us get up makes it all a lot less painful,” says the chef. The secret of all the Italians is instead their great palate. “I inherited mine from my mother,” he laughs. “The best way to feel well is to live with conviviality and hospitality. ‘Italianness’ around the table is the desire to spend time together, which is another important ‘ingredient’ for a successful dinner,” Oldani explains.

For all the friends of YOOX and 11 special guests, Oldani created a food tasting menu for an Italian dinner party. “I have always loved the number 11. Eleven because I used to play soccer, 11 like the number of people who collaborate with me in my restaurant. Eleven will also be the number of people I will cook for in YOOX’s home! It was an amazing experience because I met people I do not know. The beautiful thing about my job is I always come across very different people.”

As for his future plans and dreams? “Francis, the person for whom I would really love to cook is Pope Francis,” he concludes.


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