Gangnam Style Burger with Korean Barbecue – Burger Lab

Video 05:43 Gangnam Style Burger with Korean Barbecue – Burger Lab

Top Chef Richard Blais creates an amazing burger inspired by Korean barbecue! Subscribe for a brand new Blais burger every Monday:

From the meat to the toppings, this recipe is worthy of inspiring its own billion viewed K-pop song. This is Richard Blais’ Gangnam Style Burger, mixing the fun and vibrant quality of Korean BBQ with the homestyle flavors of this traditional American favorite. Richard goes over each step of this recipe – from how to form the patty, grill a burger properly, create a fusion-style kimchi ketchup, and put all the elements together to create an explosion of flavors. If Gangnam Style makes you start to dance, this Korean BBQ-inspired burger will keep you going all night!

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Top Chef All-Stars winner, Richard Blais is taking over the interwebs to bring you the most insanely over-the-top awesome BURGER recipes you could ever imagine! As an owner and chef of the Flip Burger Boutique franchise, Blais is a hamburger legend. Get ready ’cause you’ll be grilling, griddling, basting, barbecuing, frying, melting, layering, saucing, and “bunning” your way to burger heaven in no time. Are you man enough to handle the juicy, gooey, goodness of a Burger Lab creation?

Richard is also the author of “Try This at Home: Recipes from My Head to Your Plate” Available here:

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