Michel & Sébastien Bras cook gargouillou Part 2

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Michel & Sébastien Bras cook the famous gargouillou de jeunes legumes; graines & herbes Part 2. Read and see more at wbpstars.com – only about the best restaurants in the world!

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13 Thoughts to “Michel & Sébastien Bras cook gargouillou Part 2”

  1. genesis david

    this dish is something like a bee would order.. i wouldnt eat different kinds of flower, if it cost more than 2 dollars

  2. ivan pogio

    too many and too much… many of everything its like a bunch of nothing at the end.

  3. Michael Tang

    1:26 the kid in the background hahahaahhahahahah

  4. glowjar

    this dish is just as much a concept as it is a plate of food. it presents the progressing bounty of the seasons in one dish.

  5. SethHesio

    well… erm… ah… 🙂

  6. ThaCOooOn

    with lard in it xDDD

  7. Daniel Alves

    i love Bras Cuisine but in this case i think that is too much flowers…

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  9. SethHesio


  10. Mr Bojangles

    that to me is more beautiful than anything damien hirst has ever made

  11. Mitch Gondzur

    I agree, he spent all that time delicately arranging the Veg. and then covered it with foliage.

  12. Tuan Samath

    can you call that a dish……..?…lol, OMG!

  13. duffdeluxe

    too many flowers

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