Recipe 8 – Vegetarian stir fry – The Hot Chilli Chef

Video 09:58 Recipe 8 – Vegetarian stir fry – The Hot Chilli Chef

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Recipe 8 Vegetarian Yellow Bhut Jolokia & Nagabon Jolokia Noodle Stir Fry.

The Hot Chilli Chef cooks another beautiful Quick and Easy Meal on the BBQ.
Also included in this video: The Famous Beer Tree.
Yup it took TEN years to develop but The Hot Chilli Chef finally pulled it off: He created his own BEER tree…. He is happy as Larry (Who wouldn’t be??)
“Fourexus Beertreeus” (thanks Neil for officially naming this new tree.)

For this meal we asked Neil and his daughter Ashleigh to come over for a nice hot lunch. Neil has his own Hippy Seed Company and is famous from the chilli taste testing videos on YouTube.
Have a look at Neil’s Video’s and website at:

This hot lunch is again Easy Peasy to do at home and taste absolutely stunning!!
A quick and easy dish, made less than 20 minutes.

Have fun and let us know what you think of these videos.
We enjoy making, cooking, eating and drinking for these videos! There are jobs that are worse than doing this….

Greetings from the hot chilli Scorpion team…
Marcel “The Hot Chilli Chef”, Connie and Alex de Wit

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