Recipe Wars – Cobb Salad

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Today our three chefs are breaking down an all-American dish that’s been around since 1937: The Cobb Salad. Watch our chefs re-create the cobb salad using 3 famous and healthy recipes. How will Cat Cora’s cobb with grilled avocado stack up against Ellie Krieger’s cobb salad with crisped ham? Will Richard Simmon’s vegetarian cobb salad wow the chefs or fall flat? Stay tuned to find out.

Want to try the recipes we tried?
Cat Cora —
Ellie Krieger —
Richard Simmons —

Each week on Recipe Wars, we our expert chefs recreate three famous versions of a signature dish from around the world. Whether it’s Martha Stewart’s predictably upper-crust rendition of a Spanish Tortilla or Richard Simmons’ Cobb Salad, our chefs duke it out and declare one celebrity cook’s recipe the victor.

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